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Betty Westbrook


Is a negative amount allowed in Loop 2430 SVD02.

In the TR3 section B. the data element type is "R". In the TR3 there is a sentence (For negative values the leading minus sign (-) is used. Is a negative amount allowed in the 2430 SVD02?

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2430 SVD02


While the element supports a negative value, the contents of the element must always report an accurate business situation. The semantic note reads "SVD02 is the amount paid for this service line." The context of the 2430 loop is the service payment made by the specific payer in a 2330B loop that the SVD01 value identifies. As a payment amount, reporting a negative value would indicate that the provider paid the health plan, which does not make business sense. Even when sending a replacement claim after a previous payer sent an 835 indicating a reversal and correction, the correction information would be provided here, not the reversal.

Therefore, a negative value is inconsistent with the definition of this element, and not compliant with the guide.
Submission 12/1/2015
Status Date 1/27/2016
Status F - Final
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Document 005010X223