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Peter Anderson


We have discovered that some entities are interpreting the statement 'The guide also states that AMT segments are used to convey information only and are not part of the financial balancing of the 835.' in RFI 1324 to mean that the 835 TR3 does not require claim interest (2100/AMT*I) to equal the total net interest reported in PLB/L6. Must the PLB/L6 amount equal the sum of the interest reported in the AMT*I amounts?

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In the 005010X221A1 guide, section explicitly states “Convey the net for all claims in the remittance advice for interest in the Provider Adjustment Segment using Adjustment Reason code L6.”

RFI 1324 was stating that if the net of all interest payments was $0, then a PLB/L6 would not be required

So the PLB/L6 must be the sum of all the AMT*I amounts, with the exception of when the sum is $0.
Submission 2/4/2016
Status Date 4/12/2016
Status F - Final
Primary References
Document 005010X221A1