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Laurie Burckhardt


In the development of the Attachment Collaboration Project (ACP), it has identified that information must be shared with the industry therefore we need an RFI to address the following questions when doing attachments with 278 transaction in version 5010. Work around are needed for 5010 as the issues have been addressed in 6020 and future versions.

How do you report data in the PWK segment when you are sending a LOINC or point someone to a URL for additional information?

How do you link the LOINC with the PWK01?

PWK02 is required what value is used when sending a LOINC?

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PWK, attachments, 278


The X12 278 Response PWK01 (Attachment Report Type Code) is required, but there is not a current value that indicates a LOINC Code is being used to request additional data versus a code value requesting unique type of report. The 5010 version can use a value =77 (Support Data for Verification) since it’s a generic enough value when a LOINC is being returned. The next X12 278 version will have a value=UL (Other Type of Report) along with a code note of “Use when type of report is being identified in HI segment using a LOINC Code“.

The PWK02 is currently required. The PWK02 (Report Transmission Code) is used to indicate the mode of how the additional information is being sent, but there is not a value to support the ability to report that the additional information can be acquired at a specific URL and/or website. In the next version of the TR3, the value of OL (On-Line) will be added to the list of options.

How do you link the LOINC with the PWK01? - Technically you do not need to link the PWK01 to a LOINC code. The PWK segment is available at both the HLEV (Event) and HLSS (Service) and any LOINCS that are provided can also be sent at either the HLEV or HLSS or both.


As a workaround, EL (Electronically Only) can be used until the next version of the X12 278 makes the PWK02 situational. The situational rule will only require the PWK02 when the UMO is sending the requesting entity specific documentation requirements, formats or forms. EM (E-mail) could be used as a workaround along with adding the actual URL versus the e-mail in the PWK07(Attachment Description).
Submission 6/28/2016
Status Date 11/21/2016
Status F - Final
Primary References
Document 005010X217
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