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Is there a standard definition of when an ASN should be transmitted relative to when a shipment leaves the docks? Can it be sent before the shipment leaves, or is that contrary to the intent of the document?

We have several customers whose guidance regarding the ASN (856) is to transmit the ASN within a specified amount of time from when the shipment leaves the docks. However, we have a few customer who require us to login to their web portal and create an ASN, which in reality is just entering shipment information. We then receive additional paperwork that accompanies the shipment in the packing slip envelope. However, the shipment is still sitting on the docks.

Many places define the ASN as a document transmitted after the shipment leaves. Perhaps, because we are using their portal to enter shipping information, we are not subject to X12 standards for ASNs since this isn't actually an 856 EDI document transmitted through our VAN?

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ASN 856 Shipment Timing


Regarding the 856 Ship Notice/Manifest transaction set usage,

(1)The truck/shipment needs to be loaded and closed.
(2) The 856 Ship Notice may be transmitted as soon as possible once the truck doors are closed.
(3) The truck does not have to leave the dock for the 856 Ship Notice to be transmitted.
(4) The 856 Ship Notice needs to arrive before the truck/shipment arrives at its destination.
(5) Some trading partners may request that the 856 Ship Notice be transmitted prior to the truck doors being closed. If so, there is a risk of the 856 Ship Notice being incorrect. Trading partners that expect this type of process shall be able to accept updated 856 Ship Notice transaction sets, with the last 856 Ship Notice conforming to Step (4) above.

Additionally, some suppliers may have system limitations issuing an 856 Ship Notice prior to order pick completion.
Submission 9/29/2016
Status Date 11/28/2016
Status F - Final
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Document 003010 X12.1