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Ronny Biderman


We have a payer issuing an 005010X221A1 version of an 835 with the following BPR segment
That is followed by adjudication information for 18 claims and a PLB segment listing the following
"PLB*NO CHECK*20141231*FB*-36303.14~"
The total on the PLB matches the summed total of paid amount(CLP04) of the 18 claims.
Does this mean
A-This is informational only and they are notifying you of future intention of adjudicating this claim and issuing new 835 records for all 18 claims.
B-The total of this batch of claims is negative therefore we are forwarding the balance to offset future payments and these claims will not be adjudicated again.
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Choice B is the correct interpretation. The value in the PLB03-1 is equal to “FB” which is defined as a forward balance. The negative value in the PLB04 represents a balance moving forward to future payment. See section Balance Forward Processing for additional information on processing forward balance amounts
It should be noted that the PLB segment did not contain a value in the PLB03-2. This data element is required when the PLB03-1 is FB for tracking purposes. In addition the PLB01 should contain the provider’s identification not the phrase “NO CHECK”
Submission 11/2/2016
Status Date 12/29/2016
Status F - Final
Primary References
Document 005010X221