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Rob bryant


The IG page 64 for the PER segment for transaction 834, 00401095A1 shows:

1. P0304
If either PER03 or PER04 is present, then the other is required.
2. P0506
If either PER05 or PER06 is present, then the other is required.
3. P0708
If either PER07 or PER08 is present, then the other is required.

Page 65 shows the PER01, PER03, and PER04 segment usage as REQUIRED while PER05-PER07 usage indicate SITUATIONAL.

Item 1 (PER03 / PER04 is required if the other is present) seems to contradict the REQUIRED usage of PER03 / PER04.

The Question - If an 00401095A1 834 PER segment is sent with only the PER 01 element populated, does this constitute a HIPAA error. If so, what level (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 or 7)?

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00401095A1 834 2010A PER Segment


This issue is explicitly addressed in guide 004010X095A1 on pages 64 and 65. The referenced information on page 64 is within the standard section and are syntax notes. These are part of the underlying ASC X12 standard. The REQUIRED designations on page 65 are implementation instructions. This is explained in section 3.1 - Presentation Examples.

Sending this PER segment without PER03 and PER04 violates the implementation instructions of this guide and is not permissible under this guide.

The "Level" of error is not an ASC X12, X12N or implementation guide concept. That was established by WEDI SNIP. That part of the question should be addressed to WEDI SNIP through their Issues database.
Submission 3/17/2005
Status Date 4/19/2005
Status F - Final
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Document 004010X95
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