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Joyce Petrucci


Requesting further clarification of RFI 1422.

Answer: Yes, to comply with the guide, if all values in the 2110 loop are the same except for the service type code, the repetition function must be used and both service type codes would be in EB03. If the dollar amounts are different, separate 2110 EB loops must be used.

1. Is the intention to review all the elements within the EB segment, against all other EB segments, except for the EB03?
2. Or is the intention to interrogate all segments and all their elements in the loop 2110C/D to see if they are all equal, except for the EB03?

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271 Repeating EB03


A 271 Health Care Eligibility Response will contain either a 2110C or 2110D Loop. So the requirement to use the repetition function of the EB03 applies only within each Loop respectively depending upon which one is present. As stated in RFI #1422, if all of the values in the appropriate 2110C or 2110D loop are the same except for the service type code (EB03), the repetition function of the EB03 must be used. This is explicitly stated in TR3 note 3 in both the 2110C and 2110D EB segments. Therefore, the requirement is best stated in your second question assuming you mean within the 2110C or 2110D loop since only one can be present.
Submission 3/1/2017
Status Date 4/3/2017
Status F - Final
Primary References
Document 005010X279
Set ID271
Segment IDEB
Element PositionEB