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Tracey Eaddy


A receiving system should be capable of reading the ISA segment to determine all delimiters being used in the file, including the segment terminator. Is it necessary to negotiate what delimiters are used? Are carriage returns, line feeds, or a combination of both acceptable to be used as a segment terminator?

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To the final question regarding CR/LF: these characters are recognized as valid for use in EDI interchanges at the discretion of the sender, as noted in X12.5 section 4.3 and section A.3.1. This issue has arisen before, please see RFIs 28 and 669 at http://rfi.x12.org/ for additional information.


To the question of negotiation between trading partners: Trading partner agreements are outside the X12 Standard.
Submission 4/26/2017
Status Date 1/11/2018
Status F - Final
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Document X12.6 5010