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James Habermann


Producing an 837 transaction set, we are restricted to the characters listed in either the basic or extended characters sets. Neither set allows characters like Ñ (ANSI character 209) or Ú (character 218) to appear. I am curious to know if X12 has any recommendation for producers of 837s (or other similarly restricted transaction sets) when they encounter a name like PEÑA. Should we strip the character and send PEA? Should we translate the character and send PENA? The concern with either of these options is producing a result that differs from the value in the receiver's system, leading to rejection or misinterpretation. Any guidance on this topic would be appreciated.


Version 005010 -- and many other versions -- of X12.6, "Application Control Structure", section 3.3.2, "Extended Character Set", item (4), "Select language characters", explicitly permits the use of characters such as Ñ or Ú "by agreement between communicating parties".


Since the TR3 (Section B. does not explicitly state whether or not it constrains the allowable characters in X12.6, trading partners should confirm acceptability of these language characters before use.
Submission 5/5/2017
Status Date 1/11/2018
Status F - Final
Primary References
Document 005010X222A2