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Kathy Brandsen


Thank you for your previous response on RFI# 2216. I was not able to locate where the order not mattering when the position# is the same for the same segment in 005010X221A1.

The only thing I found was in B.1.1.1 Interchange Control Structure:
The sequence of the elements within one segment is specified by the ASC X12 standard....

Can you please direct me to the chapter where it indicates the order/sequence does not matter?

I appreciate your time.

Thank you!

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Out of Order Segments, Sequence


X12.59 IMPLEMENTATION OF EDI STRUCTURES—SEMANTIC IMPACT", section "6.2 Order Independence", states:

“There is no implied relationship among instances at the same level (two functional groups within the same envelope; two transaction sets within the same functional group, etc.).

Each instance of data content at one level is independent of any other instance of data content at the same level.”

Example 3 reads in part:

“3. Segment Independence in a Loop
All of the segments within a loop are semantically related to one another only in that they are of the same instance at the same level. However, there is no semantic content implied by the order of segments within the same level of a loop. Rearranging the order of segments within the same level does not alter the semantics.”

Within the X12 Reference Documents, “Compliance in X12”, Chapter 6. Data Compliance with Implementation Guides, Section 6.1 Sequencing reads in part as follows:

“If the implementation guide explicitly specifies an order, the repeated segments in the data stream must comply with that order. If the implementation guide does not specify an order, repeated segments may be transmitted in any order at that position in the data stream.”

The 005010X221A1 TR3 Section 2.3.1 Implementation, is a presentation example of the 835 transaction. The TR3 does not explicitly specify an order of the repeated segments. Therefore, repeated segments may be transmitted in any order as indicated in X12.59.

X12 Reference Documents Online can be accessed at http://store.x12.org/store/
Submission 8/3/2017
Status Date 9/20/2017
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Document 005010X221A1
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