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Sharon Sieve


We have a payer that sends an 835 file where the totals of the clp04 pmt amts doesn't equal the BPR02 amt.
Does this meet the standard?

Exa: pt one clp04 = 0.00
pt two clp04 = -25.00
Total clp04 = $-25.00
BPR02 = $ 0.00


The 835 transaction must balance see for transaction balancing. The BPR02 element explains that this element can not be negative. Please refer to Pg 46 of the 4010 implementation guide. If the amount nets out to a negative number then the PLB segment must be used to communicate the carry over of the funds to the next ERA. That is accomplished using the FB (Forwarding Balance) code in the PLB segment. The note on PLB03-1 code FB reads:

“A negative value in PLB04 represents a balance
moving forward to a future payment advice. A
positive value represents a balance being applied
from a previous payment advice. A reference
number should be supplied in PLB03-2 for tracking
purposes. “ 4010 pg. 167


When the amount of the transaction nets to a negative number the balance must be forwarded to the next payment. This is done by using the FB qualifier with the amount to be forwarded to the next payment to be made. Use the TRN02 value in the current 835 as the PLB reference number for both the negative (current 835) and positive (subsequent 835) FB entries for identification.

Refer to 2.2.12 of the 4050 implementation guide for further details on the balance forward process. You can find this guide at http://www.wpc-edi.com/content/view/422/160/
Submission 3/18/2005
Status Date 5/16/2005
Status F - Final
Primary References
Document 004010X091A1
Set ID2.2.1