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Declan Moore


As of 4/1/2018, insurance carriers will be required to accept either the existing Health Insurance Claim Number (HICN) or the new Medicare Billing Identifier (MBI) in ASCX12 834 transactions. This requirement for accepting either code will continue until rollout of the MBI is complete.
Current practice is to accept the HICN in a REF02 element of the 2000 loop with a REF01 code qualifier of 'F6'. Since during the rollout, either the HICN or the new MBI can be expected, the 'F6' code qualifier is not suitable for use with the new code.
Is there a specific loop, segment, element and code qualifier which is recommended for use in passing the MBI in 834 5010a1 Medicare enrollments?

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The issue of MBI within 834 is currently being addressed under RFI #2232
Submission 9/20/2017
Status Date 9/29/2017
Status F - Final
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Document 005010X220