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Julia Dunicheva


Is it compliant with TR3 requirements to send 2000E loop (Patient Event Details) in following situation:
- patient is a subscriber and
- there is AAA segment sent in loop 2010C indicating a problem at subscriber level ?


The intent is only to return loops and segments in a rejected response to report either the data being rejected or for compliance infractions however, as per the 2000E segment situational rule, the 2000E loop is required when the UMO system processed any of the information contained in the loop 2000E of the request. The 2000E TR3 note further clarifies that if the UMO was unable to process any data beyond Loop 2000C or Loop 2000D of the request, this loop and any subordinate loops are not required.
Submission 3/21/2018
Status Date 5/10/2018
Status F - Final
Primary References
Document 005010X217
Set ID278
Segment IDHL
Industry NamePatient Event Level