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Angela Hendrix


This question is about the usage of ADA codes (code source 135) in the documents. Most documents use the CDT codes for procedure (as in 835 SVC01-1 code AD), and the Tooth Numbering Codes to report the Tooth Number (as in the 837Dental TOO01/02 code JP). In the 278 H101-1/02 (code JP) it seems to use the Tooth Numbering Codes to qualify a procedure field. Which codelist should be used in the 278 H101-2 field?

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278 Tooth Number


At the time of the development of this guide, DE1270 did not contain a code value specifically defined as American Dental Association CDT codes. Code value, JP National Standard Tooth Numbering System referenced the code source 135, which contains both the CDT codes and the Tooth Number codes. The industry name for HI01-2 is procedure code; the
intent was to use code source 135 for procedure codes.
Submission 4/7/2005
Status Date 5/16/2005
Status F - Final
Primary References
Document 004010X094A1
Set ID278
Segment Position080
Segment IDHI
Element Position01
External Code List135
Code ValueJP