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Angela Hendrix


In the HIPAA_004010X091A1_835 2110 SVC01-1 field, the code NU is listed as UB92 codes (code source: 132 NUBC codes). It does not specify which of the NUBC UB92 codes it refers to from that source (ie, Revenue, Condition, Value, Occurrence...) is it a composite of all of the types? Also, code RB represents the UB82 codes. I am told that there are no longer UB82 codes. Should the UB92 codes (as used in NU) be valid as for this qualifier (code RB) as well?

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NUBC Codes


SVC01-1 is the qualifier that is used to identify the type of service or product code as adjudicated by the payer and reported in SVC01-2. Therefore if a revenue code, condition code, value code, etc was used in the adjudication of the claim, NU would be the appropriate qualifier to return in SVC01-1. If the code used in the adjudication of the claim is different than what was submitted, the submitted product or service code would be returned in SVC06.

Since the 835 guide 004010X91A1 refers to the currently published NUBC revenue codes (UB92), Code RB would be inappropriate except in the unlikely situation that the payer had converted a submitted code back to the old UB82 codes for adjudication.


The authors recommend usage of qualifier NU.
Submission 4/13/2005
Status Date 7/12/2005
Status F - Final
Primary References
Document 004010X091A1
Set ID835
Segment Position070
Segment IDSVC
Element Position01
Component Position1
External Code List132
Code ValueNU, RB