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Ginger Wright


A 277 trans has no Service Line Date or Claim Service Date. Should this be reported as an error? IG notes "Whenever the 2220E loop is used this segment [the DTP Service Line] must be present, unless reported in the Claim Level, Loop 2200E (Claim Service Date)." On the 2200E Claim Service Date DTP segment Note it says "For prof claims this will be the claim from and through date. If claim level date range is not used then the Line Service Date at 2220D is required." Similar language is on the Claim Service DTP segment on the 276 so the assumption is that for the 276 to be valid it must also have either a Claim or Service Line level DTP segment so even if it is a clearinghouse responding they could use the dates on the 276-DTP segment(s) to build the corresponding DTP segment(s) on the 277 response transaction. The 277 STC0101 is E2 (Information Holder is not responding; resubmit at a later time). Claredi and Edifecs do not report this as an error; Vitria flags as non-compliant.

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277, DTPs required


Based on the 004010X093A1 guide usage notes, a claim or service level DTP segment is required in both the 276 and 277. When the 277 response is not the result of a claim request ‘match’, the dates from the 276 could be used to populate the applicable 277 DTP Segment(s). If the claim or service DTP Segment is not present in either the claim request or response, it is between the Trading Partners to determine how that error will be reported or communicated to each other.
Submission 4/20/2005
Status Date 6/13/2005
Status F - Final
Primary References
Document 004010X093A1
Set ID277
Secondary References
RFI ID 203
Document 004010X093A1
Set ID227
Segment IDDTP