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Todd Cochrane


My employer heavily utilizes X12 transactions for enchaining invoice related information (110, 810 & 811). I am currently in dispute with individuals in the Telecommunications Industry as to the usage of certain values in a particular data element (DE 150). In my opinion (and in accordance with X12 standards), version 4010 of the 811 document specifies this data element as type ID and includes a list of valid entries. My trading partner is utilizing values not defined in this list (namely SUS, LNP, FUS, ECL, etc.) and has insisted these are allowable values. Their argument is that the telecommunications industry has assumed ownership of this code list. I argue this may be true for versions later than 4010, but not indicated in this version. My question -- can a code list (being maintained by DISA in accordance with the X12 committee) be overridden by such a situation. During my 8+ years attending and participating in X12 committee meetings, I had never heard of such a situation. Basically, my trading partner is claiming their code list can be applied to ANY VERSION of this transaction, even those developed before the ruling to transfer responsibility to the telecommunications industry. Is it safe for me to assume I'll need to GO BACK to older versions of the transaction and override the code list, telecommunications committee? This seems in opposition to the charter of X12.


You are correct. There is no code source in 4010. If the code source had been available, then the codes could be used. The external list (code source 46) was not added until 4030. TAS said it was not appropriate to reference these codes. The codes listed under DE 150 for 4010 is a complete list that is available for use, and they are the only allowable values under 4010.


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Submission 1/1/2003
Status Date 1/1/2003
Status F - Final
Primary References
Document 4010