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Rick Berg


HIR 163 interprets that the use of value 65 is not permissible in the ENT03 in loop 2000A. Would the same hold true for the use of 65 in N103 in loop 1000A? The guide does not even list the value 65 however I am being requested to accept that value for the National Employer Identifier rather than receiving FI.

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National Employer Identifier


This issue is explicitly addressed in guide 004040X061. The loop 1000A N103 element does not support the use of code 65. In fact, the ASC X12 standard does not support that code value in that element for version 004010. Therefore, it is not permissible within the instructions in this guide or this ASC X12 standard version to send or receive code 65 with loop 1000A, N1 segment, element 03.
In addition, the 1000A loop identifies the Payee - and would use the National PlanID as a standard (which does not yet exist) and not the National Employer Identifier (which would apply to the Payor).
Submission 7/18/2005
Status Date 7/19/2005
Status F - Final
Primary References
Document 004010X061A1
Set IDN103