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Jeremy Wickersham


A BCBS is sending us 277's with SVC07=1. Our validator fails this 277 response and the provider is not able to view the response to their request. The error says SVC07 can not equal 1 b/c the default is one. Even though the default for SVC07 is one, I do not believe this should fail IG edits if SVC07=1 is received. SVC07=1 should be acceptable.

What do you think?


The Health Care Claim Status Request and Response Guide (004010X093A1) does not explicitly prohibit sending a value of 1 in SVC07. The situational note’s intent is to indicate if a value is not sent, then the default or assumed value is 1. When the value is greater than 1, SVC07 is required.


We recommend that the value of one not be sent in the SVC07. However, since the guide doesn't explicitly state the value of one can't be sent, the transaction should not fail Implementation Guide edits if a value of one is present in SVC07.
Submission 8/4/2005
Status Date 11/1/2005
Status F - Final
Primary References
Document 004010X093A1
Set IDsvc07
Segment Position180
Segment ID380