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Todd Cochrane


I needed to see if I could obtain assistance in interpreting the TDS01 segment within the 811 transaction set. Our interpretation of this segment is that it includes all charges, less allowances. I have a situation where a Trading Partner is sending in a TDS01 which includes all current charges and credits/allowances but if the credit is a previous month credit (sent in as an ITA01=A and ITA16=A) they are not calculating these credits into the TDS01. The previous month credit is also identified in the BAL segments but overall a current credit and a previous month credit are handled differently. Since we pay this supplier in advance, the previous month credit would be issued in cases such as disconnects in service for usage and a current month credit would be issued for currently monthly charges. Can you assist in clarifying what should be included within the TDS01?


Doesn't matter on time period of credit. Matters if it is included in the liability of this 811 payment. If it doesn't count towards the bottom line, it should not be in the data - unless coded as informational only. If it is credit for overpayment of previous month(s), without putting in TDS it doesn't apply to bottom line/payment. This isn't really a description of the TDS segment but a business discussion, not something that stems from the definition of the TDS. Could add note that if the data reflects the bottom line of the data, then it should appear in the TDS. TDS01 is the total amount of invoice (including charges, less allowances) before terms discount (if discount is applicable). TDS02 indicates the amount upon which the terms discount amount is calculated. TDS03 is the amount of invoice due if paid by terms discount due date (total invoice or installment amount less cash discount). TDS04 indicates the total amount of terms discount.


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Submission 1/1/2004
Status Date 1/1/2004
Status F - Final
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