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Kelly Butler


Vendors have raised the issue that many payers require this information for adjudication and when they send 837 transactions they can only put it in the remarks (NTE). When the claims are rejected back to them for the information the payers are indicating that they do not take in the NTE segment. Has the X12 workgroup been approached to add the start/stop time for anesthesia to the 837 transaction? Shouldn't the Anesthesia minutes be sufficient within the claim for them to perform adjudication? Please let us know. Thanks...


The 837 allows for the reporting of anesthesia minutes, there is no logical need for both minutes and start/stop times.

There is no problem with the payer ignoring what's in the NTE, but that payer should be accepting the minutes value in the SV1.
Submission 8/10/2005
Status Date 9/16/2005
Status F - Final
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