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Pete Vyzaniaris


I had a question concerning how to handle adjustments within
the file, specifically the correlation between the CLP02 qualifier and the
CAS01 qualifier.
If an adjustment is made on a claim, the 835 CLP02 segment it should have a qualifier of "22" (Reversal of Previous Payment) with an amount in CLP03 and CLP04 fields. In addition to that the CAS01 field should have a qualifier of "CR"(Correction and Reversals) with an amount in the CAS03 field.
When there is an adjustment qualifier in the CLP segment, specifically a
CLP02=22 can their be a value in CLP05 field patient responsibility?
When an adjustment is made on the CLP segment with a CLP02 qualifier do the corresponding CAS01 qualifiers must have a value of "CR" or can they have other values like "CO", "OA", "PR"?
Thank you.

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This issue is explicitly addressed in guide 004010X091. Section 2.2.8, Reversals and Corrections, states "Reversing the original claim payment is accomplished with code 22, ‘‘reversal of previous payment’’, in CLP02; code CR, ‘‘corrections and reversals’’, in CAS01; and appropriate adjustments." It also states "The reversal does not contain any patient responsibility amount in CLP or a patient responsibility-specific CAS segment."

Therefore, it is not compliant with this guide to have CLP02="22" and any value in CLP05 or a value different than "CR" in CAS01.
Submission 8/31/2005
Status Date 9/2/2005
Status F - Final
Primary References
Document 004010X091