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Dyan Anderson


While we understand the looping structure reference provided in the response to HIR#279, we seek an explicit response to the question of how non-destination providers numbers are to be reported in the v4010/A1 of the 837 transaction.
We are reporting the additional provider numbers in the REF segment of the 2010AA which allows up to 8 REF segments. Based on the looping reference to pg 32 of the IG, it appears that our reporting of these numbers in the REF segment at the 2010AA would be compliant as instructed to do so by Claredi. Could you please provide a more explicit explanation for how to report these numbers and if we are compliant in our approach since this is not clearly spelled out in the 4010 IG?

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Billing Provider proprietary numbers for both the destination and the non-destination payer are coded as repeats of the 2010AA REF segment. Note that the Implementation Guide allows these REF segments to be placed in any order. That is, the non-destination payer proprietary numbers may precede the destination payer's proprietary number. Also note that multiple proprietary numbers will cause a problem for the receiver of the transaction if the identical REF01 qualifier occurs more than once, since the receiver of the transaction would not know which occurrence of the REF segment to use.
Submission 9/30/2005
Status Date 11/11/2005
Status F - Final
Primary References
Document 004010X096A1
Set ID2010AA
Segment IDREF