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Todd Cochrane


In the case of a trading partner erroneously submitting test transactions (ISA15 = T) into a production environment, what is the recommended level of response to reject those transactions? It does not seem appropriate to reject the interchange with a TA1 as the ISA15 has a valid value of T, nor does it seem appropriate to reject the functional group with a 997 as the functional group has no errors. It would then seem that the rejects would be relegated to the transaction or application levels, however, from a processing standpoint this is not efficient as the transactions should be rejected up front before reaching those levels.


Any response to a test interchange (ISA15 = T). shall be conveyed in a test interchange (ISA15 = T). The intent of field ISA15 is to allow internal EDI system testing to be performed using the same ISA addresses as intended to be used in production, regardless of the method of transmission. For this reason, the standard does not provide a means to reject the interchange for the reason you offered.


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The X12.5 standard provides instruction to the recipient of an X12 interchange of the type of processing required (test or production). Note that a test interchange must not be conveyed in an interchange having the same uniqueness identification (sender, receiver, date, time, control number) as a previously transmitted interchange, regardless of whether that interchange was intended for test or production. The X12.5 standard does not address how an interchange is to be transmitted to the recipient system. Trading partners are free to adopt trading partner agreements to create different EDI addresses linked to different transmission methods. Trading partners may adopt trading partner agreements to use the value of the Test Indicator in ISA15 to link to different transmission methods. Any such trading partnership agreements lie outside the scope of the X12 Standards, and such agreements might not be supported by their current EDI/X12 application software, nor by the X12 standard. To report a failure to process the test interchange may require direct contact with the sender.
Submission 1/1/2007
Status Date 1/1/2007
Status F - Final
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