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Pershing Dave


If the transaction payment amount in element BPR02 is $0, should the qualifier in BPR01 be 'I' for remittance info only or 'H' for notification only? 'H' suggests there is no reference to payment but that did not seem to fit because we wanted to be clear that the final payment for this transaction is $0. Our 835 carries remittance info without actually moving money so ‘I’ appears to fit better but this creates a problem with element BPR04. Qualifier ‘NON’ is used when no dollars are to be moved but the IG states this is used when BPR01 is ‘H’. If we can’t use ‘NON’ with ‘I’ then the only alternative is ‘CHK’ but no check is written because the payment is $0. Can ‘CHK’ be used when the payment is $0 and no check is written? If the payment is $0, is I/CHK the best fit or should we go with H/NON? Can ‘NON’ be used when 'I' is used?

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This issue is explicitly addressed in guide 004010X092. At the BPR level, "payment" refers to the actual movement of funds, not whether any specific claim is being paid.

The BPR01 code "I" note reads "Use this code to indicate to the payee that the remittance detail is moving separately from the payment." The Code "H" note reads "Use this code to pass information only without any reference to payment." The note BPR04 code "NON" note reads "Use this code when the Transaction Handling Code (BPR01) is H, indicating that this is information only and no dollars are to be moved." Since no money is moving, the 835 isn't making a payment and there can be no reference to a payment. The required codes are BPR01=H and BPR04=NON.

CHK can't be used when no check is written. That contradicts the business situation. A combination of BPR01=I and BPR04=NON isn't appropriate since one code means the remittance and money are moving separately and the other means there is no money, which is a contradiction.
Submission 11/3/2005
Status Date 11/5/2005
Status F - Final
Primary References
Document 004010X091A1
Set ID835
Segment Position020
Segment IDBPR
Element Position01
Industry Nametransaction handling code