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James McConnell


We have a TP that sends 5 REF segments in the 2000 loop with the qualifier 17. They are sending data in those segments that corresponds to data that is concatenated from data in their proprietary format. The repeat on that segment is 5, but is that 5 segments with the same qualifier, or with different qualifiers?

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834 REF 17 2000


The X12 standard does not specifically prohibit repeats of the same segment with the same qualifier within one loop, subject to a restriction on the number of repeats of that segment. However, the standard and most practical application of translator software does not require that repeats of a specific segment be processed in the order in which they appear within the loop. Therefore, when multiple repeats of a segment with the same identifier occur in a single loop, the receiver is justified in responding with an application error stating that the data cannot be properly interpreted


Trading partners should not send multiple repeats of the same segement with the same identifier in a single loop. They should find other compliant ways to communicate needed information.
Submission 11/11/2005
Status Date 3/24/2006
Status F - Final
Primary References
Document 004010X095A1
Set ID834
Segment Position020
Segment IDREF
Element Position1