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Todd Cochrane


I have a question concerning the usage of the ITD Segment. The issue is the depiction of a multi-tiered terms within an ITD Segment. 5%cwo,4%15,2%45 for example The ITD at the header can only carry the overall terms of the order, (default terms). At the detail level there may be several products on an invoice that apply to the terms and some that do not. The ITD12 Description can carry the literal but companies in general do not map the description. Can you please advise as to the recommended usage for the multi-tiered terms?


Each ITD segment represented one set of terms. To represent multiple sets of terms for a PO or Invoice, the ITD segment would need to re-occur.


The official response to a formal RFI is a letter from the current ASC X12 chair. This website often displays a summary of the RFI. Click here to view a PDF of the letter for this RFI.

In evaluating this inquiry, it was determined: An invoice or purchase order may have multiple terms, Simultaneously, a line item in an invoice or purchase order may have multiple terms, Your company currently did not have an electronic means to carry terms into its system; terms were handled manually, We noted that there was an inconsistency in the occurrences of the ITD segment between the header and detail sections. As a result of this inquiry, X12M did an analysis of all transaction sets that use the ITD segment, and the number of their occurrences. Inconsistencies were noted which would impact the ability of trading partners to offer multiple terms per PO or line item (or other business process), and the ability to carry that information through the remaining business processes / transaction sets (delivery/transportation, invoice, payment, etc.). Based on this analysis, data maintenance was submitted to change the ITD segments to >1 to remove any inconsistencies that might cause problems when relaying information between the trade parties. (Note: The Transportation Subcommittee X12I requested that this data maintenance not apply to their transactions.) In summary, the inconsistency in the occurrences of the ITD in the header versus the number of occurrences of the ITD in the detail has been addressed by X12 data maintenance.
Submission 1/1/2007
Status Date 1/1/2007
Status F - Final
Primary References
Document 5040