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Robert Wolinski


Control number on GS segment. In a situation where functional groups are reported under an Interchange Envelope, must the control number from one GS segment to the next be unique. The guide is clear on the ST segment, but on the GS it is rather vague. Common sense tells me it should be.


"The combination of GS01 (Functional ID)/GS02 (Sender ID)/GS03
(Receiver ID)/GS06 (Functional Group control number) has to be unique
within an interchange. If the GS01, GS02, and GS03 are the same
between two functional groups then the values in GS06 have to be
different between the two functional groups. If GS01, GS02, or GS03
differs between the two functional groups then GS06 can be the same."
Submission 11/16/2005
Status Date 12/20/2005
Status F - Final
Primary References
Document 004010X098A1