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Steven Son


For the duration of dual transitional use of NPI and Legacy Identifiers; does the X12N/TG2/WG1 recommend the usage of 'CT' qualifier in REF01 to convey the current Legacy Identifier of Service Provider Number (NM109 with NM108='SV')? If not, which REF01 qualifier does the WG1 recommend?

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Dual use of NPI & Legacy ID


There are two possible methods of identifying a provider in 2100B during the period of time before the National Provider Identifier (NPI) is mandated for use.

1. Willing trading partners may begin using the NPI in the NM109 and place the legacy identifier in the REF segment. If the legacy identifier was Service Provider Number, use “Q4” – Prior Identifier Number in REF01.
2. If trading partners decide not to use the first option, continue to place the primary identifier in the NM109 (such as the legacy identifier in the example). If you wish to send the NPI prior to the mandated date you put the NPI in REF02 with REF01 = “HPI”. Once the NPI is mandated for use, you would send it in the NM1 and you would no longer need to send any legacy identifiers to identify a provider since the purpose of the NPI is to replace the need for legacy identifiers.
Submission 11/21/2005
Status Date 2/14/2006
Status F - Final
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