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Don Collier


The issue has arisen with the 837 Institutional where 2 Payers on a single claim are requiring a Billing Provider Secondary Identifier with the same qualifier in REF-01. It has been proposed, since in this case the Service Facility has been designated as the same as the Billing Provider, that the additional Secondary ID for the non-destination Payer be sent on the 2330H - Other Payer Service Facility Provider, without sending the 2310E - Service Facility Name. Is this an acceptable workaround? Is there an intrinsic relationship between 2310E and 2330H, requiring 2310E if 2330H is present?


Loop ID-2330H, Other Payer Service Facility Provider, may be used to report a proprietary identifier associated with non-destination payer for the Billing Provider when the qualifier of the non-destination payer Billing Provider number is the same as the qualifier of the destination payer Billing Provider number. If the qualifiers are not the same, both numbers should be reported in Loop ID-2010AA.

If the 2310D Loop is used to report a Service Facility Location that is different from the Billing Provider, 2330H cannot be used to report the Other Payer Billing Provider Number.
Submission 1/13/2006
Status Date 3/8/2006
Status F - Final
Primary References
Document 004010X096A1
Set ID837I
Segment Position325