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James McConnell


How would an employer send Medicare Part D enrollments or RDS tracking effective date requests in the 004010X095A1 - 834.

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Medicare Part D RDS


If the purpose is to enroll the member in a Medicare Part D plan, then the 2300 HD loop should be used for Medicare Part D. If the purpose is to report that the member has Medicare Part D coverage through someone else, then use the 2320 COB loop.
RDS tracking can be taken care of in the 2320 COB loop as well.


Enrolling in Medicare Part D - use 2300 HD loop.
Reporting member is covered by Medicare Part D - use 2320 COB loop. Reporting and RDS tracking use 2320 COB loop with COB03 indicating 'No Coordination of Benefits'.
Submission 1/20/2006
Status Date 3/24/2006
Status F - Final
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Document 004010X095A1
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