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Kelly Butler


We have a customer who is interpreting the guide to say that a 2430 loop is not required on any service line that is paid in full. However, based on the CAS03 (x12) note "When the submitted charges are paid in full, the value for CAS03 should be zero." if payments are made in full should a CAS code be included with a payment of zero and a CARS code of 92? Repeating the line level information with the paid amount in the SVD02?


2430 CAS Note #1 states:"Required if the payer identified in Loop 2330B made line level adjustments which caused the amount paid to differ from the amount originally charged." Therefore, the Line Level CAS segment should not be sent when the service line charge has been paid in full.
Submission 2/13/2006
Status Date 4/21/2006
Status F - Final
Primary References
Document 004010x098A1
Set ID000