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Patricia Van Dyke


I cannot find clear direction in the IG for this: We are receiving a 270 request file. Because the eligibility and benefit data resides on two different systems our programmers want to split the 270 request once it is in house and send only the requests associated with that system to the system. They want to send back 2-271 responses (2 ST/SEs within a file) rather than reassemble the 271 response to match the original 270 inquiry. I don't see in the IG that one cannot do this---what is the intent?

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270/271 Split


Returning multiple 271 response transactions for a single 270 request transaction when processed in batch is allowable so long as you return the appropriate Information Linkage items for Batch transactions outlined in section 1.3.6 of the 004010X092/004010X092A1 Implementation Guide and Addenda.
Submission 2/22/2006
Status Date 4/21/2006
Status F - Final
Primary References
Document 004010x092A1