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Todd Cochrane


We are looking for an EDI standard transaction set that represents a Work Order also known as a Service Call or Maintenance Call. It is a request for service (either maintenance or repair) at a particular site. The transaction is sent between a customer (the party requesting service) and a service provider (the party providing the service). Typical examples are: 1) A grocery store requesting service for a broken down refrigeration unit, 2) An office building requesting service broken rooftop air conditioner, 3) A bakery requesting regular maintenance on its ovens as part of an annual service contract. The following transactions are needed at minimum: 1. Initiation (Either the service provider or customer may initiate the service) and 2. Status updates (A transaction would be needed to represent a change in the status of the Work Order, e.g. Created, Started, Completed, Cancelled). If a transaction set does not exist, any suggestions with regard to alternative transaction sets (that could be modified) or other approaches would be appreciated.


Data Elements 235 and 234 can convey the information stipulated in this business requirement.


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Further Discussion: For illustrative we used the 850 Purchase Order transaction. Repair and maintenance services, just like products, can be identified via data elements 235 and 234. Services can be identified via a Global Trade Item Number (GTIN) or any universal identifiers. These data elements can be conveyed in the PO1 segment in the 850. Other segments that can be utilized include but are not limited to the PID; N9; REF; SAC; MTX; and SI.
Submission 1/1/2009
Status Date 1/1/2009
Status F - Final
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