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Harry Stein


I am creating an outbound 271, the source of susbscriber data come from a database. The question is does it violate any X12 rules if I breakout from the subscriber's lastname what I interpret as the suffix and place it in the NM107?
As as an example:
Harris Jr
NM103 = Harris Jr
NM107 = Jr

I have alwayes operated under the rule that you do not alter data and I thought it was an X12 rule. Is this true?


The 004010X092/004010X092A1 Implementation Guide and Addenda have the following note for the 271 NM103 (Subscriber Last Name): “Use this for the subscriber’s last name” and the following note for the 271 NM107 (Subscriber Name Suffix): “Use this for the suffix to an individual’s name; e.g., Sr., Jr., or III”.

X12 does not have a rule that you do not alter data. The workgroup’s interpretation of what you are doing is not actually altering data, rather putting data that you store concatenated in one field in your database into its appropriate X12 elements.


If you are moving “Jr” to NM107, it should not also be included as a part of the last name in NM103.
Submission 3/21/2006
Status Date 5/19/2006
Status F - Final
Primary References
Document 004010X092A1
Set ID271
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