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Todd Cochrane


Section 1: Do the already approved status templates (i.e. Transportation Status Template just as an example) follow the guidelines for templates stipulated in X12.7? See sections 4.5 and of X12.7. Section 2: When is the most opportune time to declare joint development on a CICA document/template project proposal? (Note: X12J wants the project proposal to be for BOTH the document and the template).


Section 1: None of the approved CICA Templates fully complies with X12.7 in that they do not have at least one value in four business process related properties (business_process, business_process_family, business_sub_process, and business_sub_process_family) specified in sections 4.5 and Section 2: Relative to project proposals, the OPM states in Section 4.3.1 The PRB shall be responsible for ensuring compliance with X12 procedures and shall approve the following for X12 ballot, ANSI public review and publication, as appropriate: (1) Original and revised project proposals. SD2, Chapter VI, Section 3, Development of a new XML Business Document Standard provides guidance to X12 Subcommittees on when to request joint development. Specifically Section 3.1 states; The PRB reviews the PP (project proposal) from the submitting SC (SubCommittee) to ensure that it is complete and to allow any other SC to request joint development. Section 3.1 further states; The PRB either approves the PP or refers it back to the originating SC for clarification. Furthermore, Section 3.2 states; Once the PP is approved, the SC develops and approves the proposed standard in accordance with the current X12-XML Design rules. The SC designates a point of contact (POC), and an alternate if possible, for the new development effort. With joint development, all developing SC s must agree on a single proposed Standard. If the SC s cannot agree on a single technical solution, TAS will decide among alternatives. The TAS solution will be used going forward. Once the SC or SC s agree on a solution, the new Standard is submitted to TAS (X12J Technical Assessment) for their review and comment. SD2 is clear on the timing of the request for joint development. A SC can request joint development when the Project Proposal is in the process of being approved by the PRB.


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Section 1: You clarified your question by indicating a concern that these templates were too specific to an industry or business process. This is not directly addressed in X12.7. X12C intends to work with X12J and other interested subcommittees to address this issue in a future version of X12.7. In regard to the business process properties of the Template, the UN/CEFACT Catalogue of Common Business Processes is not yet approved and its status is uncertain. X12C will submit changes to X12.7 under Data Maintenance Request 124207 to remove dependencies on the Catalogue. After these X12.7 changes are approved X12C intends to submit work requests to bring templates into compliance with the X12.7 changes. Section 2: The PRB is responsible for preparing this interpretation note as advice to the submitter of this Request for Interpretation the following observations: Joint development should only be requested when it is clear that the PP purpose and scope are within both subcommittees jurisdiction. After assignment to a Subcommittee by the PRB, any other Subcommittee can express joint development at a future PRB meeting. If members of one subcommittee have an interest in a message, and the purpose and scope are not within their subcommittee s jurisdiction, those members should actively participate in the development as members of the sponsoring subcommittee. After assignment to a Subcommittee by the PRB, any other Subcommittee can express joint interest at a X12J (TAS) meeting. Joint interest allows the requesting Subcommittee to receive all development information as part of their Subcommittee's referral package. However, approval of the message by the Subcommittee requesting joint interest is not required.
Submission 1/1/2009
Status Date 1/1/2009
Status F - Final
Primary References
Document 00200502 of ASC X12 X12.7