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Tapan Shah


A clearinghouse receives two TRN segments on the 270, one of them belongs to the provider and the second to the provider’s clearinghouse. The IG states if the receiving clearinghouse intends to pass their own TRN to the information source, that clearing house must drop the first clearinghouse’s TRN and submit their own. The information source must echo back both TRN segments it receives and has the option of adding one of their own.
On the 271, is it permissible for the second/subsequent clearinghouse to NOT return the first clearinghouse’s TRN segment if it wants to send its own instead? Or must the second/subsequent clearinghouse return all TRN segments it receives?

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This issue is explicitly addressed in guide 004010X092. Section 1.3.6 indicates for Clearinghouses that “If the second or subsequent clearinghouse needs to assign their own TRN segment they may replace the received TRN segment belonging to the sending clearinghouse with their own TRN segment. Upon returning a 271 response to the sending clearinghouse, they must remove their TRN segment and replace it with the sending clearinghouses TRN segment. Identification of whose TRN segment is whose can be accomplished by utilizing TRN03, which is required for clearinghouses. If the clearinghouse intends on returning their TRN segment in the 271 response to the information receiver, they must convert the value in TRN01 to “1". The Implementation Guide does not provide the capability of allowing a second or subsequent clearinghouse to return their own TRN to the Information Receiver.
Submission 4/26/2006
Status Date 7/10/2006
Status F - Final
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Document 004010X092
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