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Todd Cochrane


On the EDI 945 transaction that my company receives, we would like to begin receiving the batch code numbers associated with each of the items reported on the W12 segment. For example on the W12 segment as shown below, we would like to know the batch codes associated with the 20 cases that were shipped. For example, if 5 of the cases shipped had batch code 7032071203 and the other 15 had batch code 7032071204, we want to receive all that information on the EDI 945. W12*CC*20*20*0*CA*003810003678*VN*03678*70451083********PJ*20080228~ G69*PVD JNT MOB~ My first thought was to have this information sent to us on the N9 immediately following the G69 segment. However, I need to know both the batch number and how many were sent of that batch and I am not sure I can include the quantity on the N9. Is it within the X12 standards to have the following two N9 segments following the G69 and putting the quantity in the N903 free-form description field? If this is not valid, where would the proper place be to store the batch number and quantity for a line item? I appreciate your opinion on this: N9*BT*7032071203*5~ N9*BT*7032071204*15~


The W12 segment in conjunction with the G69 and G62 segments will fulfill the expressed business requirement.


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As you have observed the N9 does not fully meet your needs. To best meet your needs use the W12 segment as noted and illustrated below: For unique batch numbers, repeat the W12 segment per batch number with the corresponding quantity for that batch number. Specifically, the batch number is stipulated in the W1218 with the respective qualifier of B8 in W1217 and the actual quantity is in W1202. The G62 segment will continue to depict the quantity ordered and shipped. This is illustrated with the following scenario. Suppose there are 20 units in total are ordered. 15 items are from batch 1 and 5 are from batch 2. G62 with a BL qualifier stipulates manufactured date in G6202. G62 with a qualifier of 11 stipulates a shipped date in G6202: W12*CC*20*15**CA*003810003678*VN*03678*70451083********B8*batch number 1 goes here~ G69*PVD JNT MOB~ G62*BL*20080228~ G62*11*20080413~ W12*CC*20*5**CA*003810003678*VN*03678*70451083********B8*batch number 2 goes here~ G69*PVD JNT MOB~ G62*BL*20080228~ G62*11*20080413~
Submission 1/1/2009
Status Date 1/1/2009
Status F - Final
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