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Carol Lewis


Our organization handles the HIPAA validation for clients that receives Medicare crossover claims via COBC. Within these claims the PER segment contains an e-mail address without the “@” or “.” characters present.

We set an error if the the above characters are not present. COBC says the two characters are not required and that we should not reject their claims if the characters are not present.

The IG do not provide explicit guidance for e-mail addresses. Our edit is based on the International Standards for E-mail addresses and the “@” and “.” characters are required within the address.

The 5010 draft IG only reference to the e-mail address is mentioned in Appendix B, section B. that states: “Use of the extended character set allows the use of the “@” character in email addresses within the PER segment.

Is this the correct intention of X12 that a reject should occur if an e-mail address is sent that does not contain the two characters regardless of who sends or receives the claim?

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While it is the intent of the implementation guide that any email address in a PER segment be a valid email address, the question of rejection is not addressed directly in the guide. X12 transactions can be accepted with errors if the errors will not prevent processing of the business transaction. Any question of rejection for HIPAA compliance should be addressed to askhipaa@cms.hhs.gov.


It is the workgroup's opinion that rejection for this reason would not be conducive to a good business relationship.

X12N DISCLAIMER: X12N's interpretations are intended only to clarify the implementation guides. It is not within X12N's scope to comment on the actions of specific entities such as regulatory bodies, carriers, and providers, nor to render an opinion on an individual entity's compliance with HIPAA or other federal or state regulations. Requests concerning interpretations of the HIPAA regulations as issued by the Department of Health and Human Services should be submitted via email to askhipaa@cms.hhs.gov.
Submission 5/30/2006
Status Date 7/24/2006
Status F - Final
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