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Dyan Anderson


Is at least one LX segment required in a valid 835 transaction?
The segment is "Situational" but the notes would seem to indicate an LX segment must always be present.
Just confirming whether we should reject an 835 file if no LX segment is found in the file.
Also, shouldn't the LX01 be a unique number for sorting? We're receiving 835 file with multiple LX segments but each one in the file is the same value.

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835 LX segment


Section 3.1, page 38 under “Loop Usage” states “The usage designator of a loop’s beginning segment indicates the usage of the loop. Segments within a loop cannot be sent without the beginning segment of that loop.” Also, the second note on the LX segment states “Any Table 2 data must commence with an LX segment.” So, while the 2000 loop in the 835 is Situational and an 835 can be created without any loop 2000 information, for any loop 2000 information to be present the LX segment is required and MUST be present.
In addition, the LX segment position 1 purpose states “Number assigned for differentiation within a transaction set.” Without unique values in the LX segments within a transaction, differentiation is not possible. Therefore, when multiple LX segments are received within a transaction, each must have a unique value in order to provide for differentiation.


See HIR # 181 for a more detailed description of this requirement.
Submission 6/16/2006
Status Date 8/18/2006
Status F - Final
Primary References
Document 004010X091A1
Set ID835
Segment PositionLX01
Segment IDLX
Element Position01