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RK Moore


The IG has X12 Syntax and X12 Comments detailing use of ENT05 - ENT09, but these elements are labeled Not Used in the element descriptions.

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820 5010X218 2000A 2000B ENT ENT05 ENT06 ENT07 ENT08 ENT09


The IG always list the underlying X12 Syntax and X12 Comments relating to any element that is possible within a segment. The usage of these element within the IG must conform to the underlying X12 standards, if the element is being used within the IG.


The official response to a formal RFI is a letter from the current ASC X12 chair. This website often displays a summary of the RFI. Click here to view a PDF of the letter for this RFI.

You only need to be concerned with the X12 Syntax and X12 Comments on elements that are labeled as Required or Situational in the usage section of the IG.
Submission 6/21/2006
Status Date 9/8/2006
Status F - Final
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Document 005010X218
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