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Tapan Shah


Note 2 at the 2100D DTP segment level of the 271 references qualifiers 356 (Eligibility Begin) and 357 (Eligibility End). These qualifiers are however, not listed at the DTP01 element level.

The qualifiers 356 and 357 are available at the 2100C level of the 271 so it would seem to follow they would be permissible at the 2100D level. Is this assumption correct?

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DTP01, 356, 357


Since codes 356 (Eligibility Begin) and 357 (Eligibility End) are not included in the list of permissible codes for 2100D DTP01 in 004010X092 or 004010X092A1, the codes would not be allowed to be used. While the note indicates usage guidelines "When using codes “307” (Eligibility) “356” (Eligibility Begin), “357” (Eligibility End)…", this note is in error as it does not override the fact that the codes are not valid codes listed for use in DTP01. Your assumption is incorrect.


If both the beginning and ending Eligibility dates are available, code “307” (Eligibility) could be used in DTP01, with DTP02 = RD8 could be used.

If both the beginning and ending dates are not available, codes 356 (Eligibility Begin) and 357 (Eligibility End) may be used in 2110D DTP01.

Codes 356 (Eligibility Begin) and 357 (Eligibility End) were added to 2100D DTP01 of the 004050X138 Implementation Guide and also appear in the 2100D DTP01 of the 005010X203 public review draft.
Submission 6/21/2006
Status Date 8/18/2006
Status F - Final
Primary References
Document 004010X092
Set ID271