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Please describe in detail how capitated services/claims should be reported on the 835 remittance transaction. Specifically, how should data on the CLP, CAS, PLB, and BPR segments be valued?

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When paying capitated claims, there are 3 possiblities. 1. A pure encounter claim (submitted as all encounters and the payer agrees) does not need to be reported in the 835. (If payer does not agree, then a response must be sent in the 835.) 2. If a claim was submitted with some encounters and some payable services, the payer must return all services with a charge > $0 and any $0 services IDd as payable during adjudication. Report payment of $0 services by using CARC 94 and a negative dollar amount. Adjustments must also be provided. Any services with a $0 charge and identified as capitated by the payer do not need to be returned. 3. For claims with all charges >$0 (and not identified as all encounters using BHT06 = RP), the payer must return all services. Services that the payer determines are capitated are adjusted to pay $0 using CARC 24. " Since all of these could apply to a specific payer independent of their system processes (to a certain extent the issue is how the claim was submitted).


For more information about reporting encounters, see the version 5010 835 IG (# 005010X221)section, available at www.wpc-edi.com.
Submission 6/28/2006
Status Date 8/18/2006
Status F - Final
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Document 004010X091A1
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