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Todd Cochrane


In the 999 transaction, note 1/0800 states, "If any implementation guide errors have been reported in IK3 or IK4, then code I5 shall be reported in the IK5 Segment." However, the code list for data element 618 does not contain a value of I5. What code value should therefore be used?


The omission of code value I5 from the published code list for Data Element 618 is publication errata. We also note that this error occurred in versions and releases previous and subsequent to 005050. Corrections will be made as appropriate.


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General Background: The requestor is correct, the code value I5 does not appear in the published code list for Dat+G37a Element 618 (Implementation Transaction Set Syntax Error Code). DE618 is only used in the IK5 segment. Segment IK5 (Implementation Transaction Set Response Trailer) contains 5 optional instances of Data Element 618, IK502 IK506. DE618 is used to report a specific problem noted with the sender s transaction. Segment IK5 is only used in TS 999. It is the last segment in the TS s AK1 loop, at position 800. The AK1 loop and the IK5 segment are mandatory in the TS. Any instance of TS 999 must contain at least one IK5 segment. TS 999 contains a note referring to use of the IK5 segment, If any implementation guide errors have been reported in IK3 or IK4, then code I5 shall be reported in the IK5 Segment. The code value I5 is essential and critical to the use of TS 999. Investigation: The code value I5 was chosen to parallel the meaning of code value 5 (One or More Segments in Error). The description for code value I5 (Implementation One or More Segments in Error), reflects this. The other I-codes in DE 618 were similarly constructed. The code value I5 was part of the original final submission to TAS. The code value I5 was used in one of the example instances of TS 999 prepared for TAS review and ASC-X12 membership balloting. Creation of DE 618 was part of DM 098202, which created TS 999, was approved by TAS for ballot on June 5, 2002. The PRB approved DM 098202 for X12 membership ballot on June 6, 2002. The code value I5 does appear correctly in the DE 618 code list of the ASC X12 workbook for June 2002. DM 098202 was approved by ASC X12 membership during the balloting period October/November 2002. The PRB approved the ballot results on February 5, 2003.
Submission 1/1/2009
Status Date 1/1/2009
Status F - Final
Primary References
Document 5050