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Ryan Wexler


It is unclear how you implement cob when considering claim splitting with claim level adjustments. Let’s say you are sending cob to a tertiary. The primary sent you back an 835 with claim level adjustments for 4 service lines. The secondary split the claim and sends era for 2 of the service lines. When you send the cob for the claim consisting of the 2 service lines to the tertiary how can you possible report the previous payer eob data properly? The claim level adjustments from the primary payer apply to all 4 service lines, but you are now sending a claim to the tertiary only containing 2. So how are you suppose to properly communicate the data and make it balance?

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Claim Level Adjustments, COB, Claim Splitting


In order to get the balance to work you would need to hold the claim until all 4 services lines have been processed by the secondary payer before sending to the tertiary.
Submission 10/24/2006
Status Date 1/3/2007
Status F - Final
Primary References
Document 837