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Is it allowable for a payer to report both an inactive eligibility EB*6 and an active eligibility EB*1 in the same response?

A Medicaid is returning in a 271 an inactive EB segment and then sending an active EB segment (EB*1***QM) when the recipient only has a QMB benefit. When asked why they're indicating inactive eligibility but active for QMB, the Medicaid responds that since the QMB benefit is only paying the Medicare premium, Medicaid isn't paying anything to the 270 submitter.

Another variation by a Medicaid is the following, EB*6**30*HS*MEDICARE PREMIUM PAYMENT ONLY, which the provider is supposed to interpret to mean that the recipient has a QMB benefit.

My suggestion is for the Medicaid to send an EB segment for active coverage with the insurance type of QM (EB*1***QM) instead of MC when the recipient only has a QMB benefit. Is this approach optimal?

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Qualified Medicare Beneficiary - QMB (EB04 = QM) and Special Low Income Medicare Beneficiary - SLIMB (EB04 = HS) are two separate types of Medicaid programs.

It is appropriate if Medicaid is the information source to indicate that the individual has Inactive Medicaid Coverage and to indicate that the individual has Active QMB or SLIMB coverage, since both programs may cover the patient’s portion of responsibility (Deductible, co-payments, etc.) and Medicaid is responsible for paying these items.

If a patient has QMB or SLIMB coverage, the initial claim would be filed to Medicare, and a secondary claim would either automatically be crossed from Medicare to Medicaid, or upon receipt of payment from Medicare, the provider would file a secondary claim directly to Medicaid to recover the patient’s portion of responsibility.

The approach that Medicaid is taking is appropriate and compliant with the IG.


See: http://www.cms.hhs.gov/apps/firststep/content/medicare_dualelig.html
for details on these programs.
Submission 1/11/2007
Status Date 3/14/2007
Status F - Final
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