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Tony Benisch


In reading the implementation guide for the 2310C NM1 loop I read in the notes that this loop is required if purchased services are being billed on this claim--which I read as if a NE is reported in the 2300 AMT01 loop that the 2310C should be present. Im receiving information contrary to the above from one of my trade partners and am in need of clarification.


This issue is explicitly addressed in the Professional 837 guide. Both the 2310C loop and the Total Purchased Service Amount AMT segment state that they are required when purchased services are reported on (2310C) or are a component of (AMT) the claim. If either the loop or the segment is present, the other would then be required.
Submission 1/16/2007
Status Date 2/5/2007
Status F - Final
Primary References
Document 004010x98
Set ID837P
Segment IDNM1