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In some cases, we need to be able to send the Taxonomy Code with the NPI. We plan to store the Taxonomy Code in PRV03, Loop 2100B, with a qualifier of ZZ (PRV02). However, there is a note under PRV02 that states “If the National Provider ID is mandated for use, code value “HPI” must be used, otherwise one of the other code values may be used.” A similar note is found under NM108, with regard to a qualifier value of XX. Q1: Even though the NPI is mandated for use, can we still use PRV03 to store the Taxonomy Code? It would not make sense to store the NPI in both NM109 and PRV03. Q2: Assuming we are following the Implementation Guide correctly, and storing the NPI in NM109 and the Taxonomy Code in PRV03 in the 270, where is the best place to send the Taxonomy Code back in the 271 transaction set? A possibility is in the REF segment in REF02, Loop 2100B. However, there is no qualifier (REF01) specifically for Taxonomy Code.

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The note on 2100B PRV02 referencing the use of code value “HPI” should not be in the Implementation Guide and should have been removed when code HPI was removed as an available code for use in PRV02. The only compliant code for PRV02 is “ZZ” for the Provider Taxonomy Code and the correct place to send the Taxonomy Code is PRV03.

The 004010X092 IG and 004010X092A1 Addenda do not provide a place to return the Taxonomy Code. This is similar to how the provider’s address can be submitted in the 270 but would not be returned in the 271.
Submission 1/30/2007
Status Date 3/14/2007
Status F - Final
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Document 004010X092A1
Set IDX092A1
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