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Ann Konz


Hospital X has a core lab at a different location but is under the same npi number. Does hospital x need the core lab service facility info when it bills for the lab services done at the core lab? We have other facilities in the same system but have different npi numbers - when they use the core lab - do they need the core lab info in the service facility?

If a clinic uses the core lab - do they need to report the core lab as the service facility?

If hospital X sends patients to Hospital Y (both in same system but different npi numbers) for a service and then patient returns to hospital X and the bill comes from hospital X - does hospital Y's service facility info need to be on the claim?

What if a patients account has more than one service facility - the 837 only allows for one service facility?

Please advise ...

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The address where the service was performed must be used, so in this case it would be the address of the lab, and would be used if it is different than the Billing/Pay-to Provider address. If more than one facility address needs to be reported on an institutional claim you will need to split the claim.
Submission 3/7/2007
Status Date 5/7/2007
Status F - Final
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