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linda lee


Implementation guide indicates that multiple SVDs can be used in the case of bundling, unbundling or when multiple payers have processed the claim. What would the structure look like if the same payer processed the claim and then made subsequent adjustments/payments or reversals to the claim?

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Per the 837 institutional implementation guide, the third paragraph of Section states: "The provider does not need to send the information from the reversal 835 to the secondary payer. The provider must send the information from the corrected 835 to the secondary payer".

For a COB claim where the primary payer has adjudicated a reversal and correction, the SVD in Loop ID-2420 should report the result of adjudication of the corrected claim. There would not be an occurrence of the SVD for the original adjudication that was reversed.
Submission 3/14/2007
Status Date 5/7/2007
Status F - Final
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Document 004010X096A1
Set ID837I
Segment Position540
Segment IDSVD